I got a bit tired of this error, it’s a bit of nightmare to setup Magento2 on OSX using the MAMP PRO PHP in CLI.

The entire error looks like this:

I have checked the damn php.ini file and everything  is in place.

Also bear in mind that I have added all the extensions in MAMP PHP INI file.

It seems the whole problem is because composer has this line:

For the moment I know just a few  solutions for this headache (anyone knows more please submit a comment and I’ll make sure to credit you) 

(update:  scroll at the bottom for perfect solution)

  1. Install Mcrypt through Homebrew (worked for me):

    I’m not happy with this solution as in my opinion it defies the purpose of having MAMP PRO into the system. Why I need two PHP (the brew version and mamp) to run in the same system?
  2. Execute Composer with PHP full path (it worked for Magento 1 through magerun but not for Magento2):

The  PHP extension mcrypt is often not distributed with stock PHP packages. The mcrypt extension is the standard PHP extension for encryption and hashing functionality.

This is not a proper solution – I want something which will enforce to use the proper PHP and there will be no misunderstandings.


Guess what?! Another machine (MacBook Pro) – the solution is not working. I’m about to loose my temper when I decide to check where is located composer file. It seems it was installed with Brew which meant that all the dependencies where related to Brew so I uninstalled the “dragon” and installed through the default way then I just run the full command (decided it’s faster than to install through brew the extension):



Seems MAMP is creating an alias in ~/.profile which looks like:

Now, composer is ignoring this.

Ideally MAMP should create a symlink to /usr/bin/php, but there’s permissions issues which is not allowing it.

Another solution:

Based on  

  1. edit the ~/.bashrc or in my case it was ~/.bash_profile
  2. go to end of file and add an alias, comparing to Paul’s solution I choose to make an alias to composer (overwriting composer)
  3. and the full command for composer looks like:

And it worked without issues.

Thanks Paul.

Update 2, the perfect solution:

Finally, found the perfect solution for this problem.

Just create a symlink from MAMP php installation into …….


That’s because by default the location is still in your $PATH.  So for my installation of PHP7.2.13 the only command i need to run would look like this:

need to suggest the approach to mamp team 🙂

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