MAMP Error – Unable to load dynamic library

I'm at the end of my patients, God knows what was update, MAMP or Brew or something else but I ended with this nasty error for Redis integration:

Whaaat was that? Ok, I know I don't have the redis library or php is not able to load dynamically the library therefore  I fixed this couple…

Get available methods for an object

There are no better shortcuts than a very good study but there's a tip which can help you to get a bit of speed. Have you ever tried to figure out what available methods you can use from a customer model in Magento? Imagine you load the customer into a variable (or the product, order)

M2 Defining a plugin

A plugin is used to extend or modify a public method’s behaviour by applying code before, after, or around that observed method. The first argument for the before, after, and around methods is an object that provides access to all public methods of the observed method’s class. Note: The rest of the parameters for these functions are depending on…